Wednesday, July 21, 2010

72. Weighty issues

Chennai came to a screeching halt early Wednesday morning as huge crowds started gathering outside a tall building, as if it were Shah Rukh Khan's house. Deafening sounds of 'thump' 'thump' had been heard at 5.30 am, tremors were felt across the city, following which our forever-yellow-mufflered guy had issued orders to CID dogs to sniff the whole city up for any Godzilla-like creature, that could possibly be wreaking chaos. Ladies intelligently opted for the wiser option : trading the imminent calamity with a coconut offering to the Elephant-God. Plans were being made to bomb the building that had put the city into jeopardy, when someone reported a hole as big as a crater, in the basement of the building. Once we gheraoed the said area, what do we see? Lo and behold ! A colossal ball of cushiony mass rolling on a treadmill. When contacted, the mass identified itself as a blogger.

Chennai Times caught up with blogger Anu in an exclusive interview to find out unke size-zero figure ka raaz and the uproar it had been causing in the city. Here are a few excerpts from the conversation :
CT : Ma'am, what a pleasure to meet you ! We have been hearing reports of a bandh across the city. What have you been upto?
Anu :  Just mild running to stay in shape you see.
CT : Yea, but why would you want to wreak havoc in the city for that?
Anu : Its all part of a big project. We needed gas pipelines to be dug across the city. Due to dire shortage of resources,the TamilNadu government decided to outsource the undertaking to me. I am supposed to be running on the chosen area, which will thus save them the pain of digging an excavation site for every single pipe that needs to be dug.
CT : Wow, what a rare talent. Tell us something that no one knows about Anu - the Runner.
Anu : Anu the runner cannot run for more than a minute continuously to save her life, though her boss feels that even an average man can run for atleast 15 minutes at a stretch, when chased by a dog. That's next on the plan. For now, it is more of trying hard no to fall off the treadmill while running, that keeps me going.
CT : One last question worth your time. Is it true that Your Highness would be running a marathon on Aug 29th?
Anu : Two things. I have been asked to forget winning the marathon, quite needless to say. Secondly,  there is also this princess-ly  treatment of having to complete only 7 kms(which would be a great deal for me anyway) unlike others who would need to finish 20 odd kilometres. Of course, the probability of them completing the marathon is a tad higher than that of me doing the same, despite the given targets.
CT : Thanks for your precious time, ma'am. It is indeed an unprecedented honour bestowed upon us by such a famous(Yeah, right. You only wish) blogger.


  1. Heh heh, all the best! :D

  2. marathonlaam oray stretchla oda solangalay..neenga monthla antha distance cover panratha plana??!!

  3. Replace 'Anu' with 'Sumit', and weighty issues might as well be a post about me (minus the famous blogger bit) :P

    Good luck for the marathon. :D

  4. enjoyed...nice read btw abt the marathon??? i think u know the answer :)

  5. Thanks Rindo ! :)


    Correct ! Yepdi kandupidcheenga? Chance'e illa ! :P


    Thanks for playing along the 'famous blogger' bit. Heh ;) I'll have to really go hide my face if you say you are less famous as compared to me :D


    All of us know the answer :P


    Anu - the (self-proclaimed)Runner :D

  6. really you should try your Boss's suggestion..... Birds of a feather flock together !! hence you might fail in the attempt :)

  7. Anu? Marathon ?? Where is my friend Anu :O She possessed or somethin?? :O ...... Wat is happenin to this world? :O !! OMG!!! *faints*

  8. Shifu,

    :) Welcome here !


    Why this reaction da? :| Wondering what will happen to Singaara Chennai if rotund roly-poly people like me started running?

  9. Thank you is my honour to be here :)

  10. dei idhellam over.. you are bleyddi skinny now so stop all this anavasyamaana showing off!

  11. @ultimate idealist - I agree..idhellaam konjam over thaan...thevaye

  12. @Gunds,

    I am exaggeration personified! :D On that note, so are you, "bleyddi skinny" and all that :P


    Nee pesave pesadhe, indha venaiye onnala daan :| Odi po!

  13. How come, in Chennai?

    Decided to chuck job and study?

    Early morning get-ups? Maybe you should do that in the NCR in the winters. :-)

  14. Ram,

    No more NCR for me. In Chennai for good :D

    No nitpicking, you are just a stone throw away from here :P

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