This blog is the property of one Bhargavi Gopalakrishnan. Now, that's a short little name, is it not?

The author of this blog is a fine connoisseur of speech in third person, so much so that the cruel wings of time have made her forget how to address herself in first person.
She is a person with varied interests, some of which are writing competitive exams of different genres, embarking on mind-numbing pursuits such as identifying a Carnatic raaga(sometimes correctly), baking foodgasmic cakes(sometimes the cake doubles up as a biscuit), cringing at spelling mistakes in any text starting from a chat to an official mail from a senior.

It is noteworthy to mention here that the author ds nt undrstnd ven u typ lik dizzzz n she dsnt thnk itzzz awsummmnn. Lullllz. If you are commenting on any of her posts, it's a humble request from the author that you not use such cryptic code.

She is all over the internet space with accounts on FB, Twitter, Posterous, Tumblr, but let's first see if you get through this.


  1. Lullzzz...
    Aside, what happened to your email subscription option? Where'd it go?

    1. Deluge of fan mails and subscriptions. Had to take it out.


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