Wednesday, November 5, 2008

5. Words with vowels missing

As is the case with every romance, the end when it finally comes, leaves you in the lurch and a strange feeling of emptiness pervades. You feel incomplete, disconsolate and to put it mildly, shattered. And the bells would toll, while a nation would weep sweet tears of joy.

This post is dedicated to the lady whom I respected and whose advice and words I valued and stuck to the T..... She meant so much to me.... Tomes have been written about her dignity and the entire bouquet of qualities...

I can never forget the way she got me geared for those inter-school debates,those oratorical competitions,those interjection sessions,those compering events... Matching her standards was one thing I could never do...

And the time she caught me doing my Phy assignment during the English hour and tore it to shreds.....And sleeping like most of the times... And how she somehow still had the heart to give me the highest scores in every English module, never mind whether it was a cycle or a half-yearly..... And how I still owe the Best All Rounder award to her name.... 5 years she was my teacher.... But will remain a mentor for a lifetime...

The bell tolls again today. And an entire multitude weeps copious tears. Some of sorrow, some of pride. The magnitude of the loss still refuses to sink in.

This is to you Ma'am..... Mrs. Sabita Kumar,English Dept.,Khaitan Public School,Noida.

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