Sunday, May 24, 2009

26. Shrinkage

Recession is brilliant if u ask me. I am basking in its glory already.

But any income is better than no income,you would say. Screw you!

Here is a few arbit stuff I could think of:

1. Recession is a time when you get to(replace with "forced to" if needed) look back at your long-gone school acads. There is depressed pay all around. Nothing better than getting back to school and investing the little of it left in education.

2. Vocational jobs. Could be anything. Look at what you are good at.

3. It is also a time when you can foster your childhood fetishes of dropping a silvery metal or two(if you can manage) into your piggy bank.

4. It is time to appreciate the other "finer"... I repeat.. other FINER things in life.... It was "laziness" for me. High time you discover yours. Few things come along just by mere virtue of serendipity.

5. Decide and pen down your list of what to buy once recession ends. :D

6. Get married. No money, no question of dowry, no hullabaloo of a grand marriage. Less people (due to train and flight fares of course), to cater to.

7. Get into cooking mode. Hobby or not, it would help save restaurant bills.

Ok, I can come up with more convincing crap. Just buy me some more time.


  1. Pretty interesting...I know what to do now, if no employers come by... :D

  2. See, I always knew this rhapsody was going to be of use to someone someday.. :D

  3. How about hang out with your wonderul friends for cheap entertainment, or read lots of library books? Or play the cheap game, a variation on the glad game from "Pollyanna" book/movie


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