Thursday, August 13, 2009

40. Fiction 55 - Geometry

Colossal perpendiculars and parallels, chords and tangents, altitudes and medians, did iterative rounds inside my head, actualising a whirlpool; one that was soon going to eat me up. I had to get this one right, a meek voice from within amidst the intermittent explosion said. I was defenseless; I cried, "IS JUNGLE SE MUJHE BACHAO!!"


  1. Someone's being prolific today. :)

    I love the way the image fits in with the narrative.

    Good job, Anu!

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  3. It's funny you wrote about 55-Fiction today. I just did a couple at iBlogs this very day. :D

    "Dallas Air Control, we have a problem."
    "What's the problem, Flight PX125."
    "This is Stewardess Johnson speaking from the cockpit, sir. I request you to help me land this plane."
    "Why? Where is the pilot, Johnson?"
    "The pilot's in the bathroom, sir, and the door's jammed."
    "Isn't there a Co-pilot?"
    "Uh, she's in with him."

  4. @Rindo,

    Whoa! Coincidence :D

    Good fiction there :)

  5. nice one da :) a very nice one :)


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