Thursday, March 4, 2010

60. The sorceress is back !

Bet your life, yes. Said one month but took longer(I didn't realise that till someone pointed it out in the comments :P) Sorry for your bringing your life to a standstill for like so long. (Bah, humbug. Do you even care?) Anyway, feigning a sabbatical and apparently appearing important is easier than having nothing sensible to write. Thinking on the same lines, I realise I have news for you, which is - the past month hasn't done much to improve my sensibility levels. Moreover, it helps when you guys don't expect much sense here anyway.

The past month has been a tale of sorts. From playing Holi with 4th grade kids to suffering from foot in mouth syndrome (but natural, with a mouth like that) to not being able to solve my sister's "Prove that parallelofreakogram ABCD is parallel to the Greenwich Meridien and is a rhomboid" type of geometry problems. She agreed that I am pure awesomeness personified when it comes to Surds though. So I did manage to save face. For those of few who don't know about my mathematical prowess, here is a special edition demonstrating the same.

More of such intellectual and profound stuff in days to come.


  1. welcome back..
    btw when u claim u r a math ignoramus, its supposed to transcend ALL topics, u cant be a cat in one and claim to be one..

  2. Oh Man!, the sorceress' home page is now be'witch'ing.

    Welcome back!

  3. Welcome back look and all. Looking forward to more from you.

  4. AJCL,

    Quite frankly, I dont think surds is core math at all :) Well, if u say so, maybe I won't make a well-known ignoramus.


    Haha. Good one, Rammmmmm :)


    Sure thing :) How do you like the new template?

  5. been there done that. my brother gave up on me when I couldn't tell him whether the power supply in at home was AC or DC (I'm an electrical engineer by education) :|

  6. surdsa!!! engayo kelvi pata mathirirukay :D :D anyways..nice to hv u bk kurivi :) urmaths theramaya paathu i the mei silirthings

  7. Sid,

    Hahaha ! Heartfelt sympathies :) Feels nice to have company.


    Was that a for-surd or anti-surd statement? :) And like you know I dont understand hi-funda Tamil :)

  8. hi-funda tamil!!! avvvvvvvvvv...22nd centuryla tamizh ipdithaan irukum nenakren!!

  9. hi-funda tamil!!! avvvvvvvvvv...22nd centuryla tamizh ipdithaan irukum nenakren!!


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