Saturday, May 1, 2010

68. The Queen's Promise

This is in the interest of those of you who missed this in the newspaper. Mayawati, the head honcho and the woman behind catapulted growth and progress in Uttar Pradesh has now promised the junta "..... interrupted power supply". Needless to say, this is "An significant step....". Click here to view the complete advertisement. Also find the proof of such a dauntless and proud claim by behenji below, obtained from livemint.

I don't know why the inner realms of my mind suggest a Freudian slip - a mistake in speech or action in which a person supposedly shows his or her true subconscious desires. As I type this, my computer goes on inverter mode. Power cut.


  1. one big font ted sentence is even more scarier..."24 hours electricity supply in 2014"!!! oru vela 2014 la mothamavay 24 hoursku thaan current irukumnu solrangala??!! kuwait paassible

  2. Behenji will do that and her cronies, even more. :-) She will say later that she is doing what she said. :-)

    Aren't you in Shiela-land? Isn't the NCR better off?

  3. hahah...

    bhagwaan ke ghar der hai andher nahi :P

  4. Hmmm. But she has not specified which 'power' she was referring to...

  5. Gils,

    //oru vela 2014 la mothamavay 24 hoursku thaan current irukumnu solrangala??!!

    The world is ending in 2012, who cares? :P

  6. Koo and Sourav,

    Yeah ! :) There was a corrected ad in the paper next day. LOL.

  7. Ram,

    Nah, not Sheila land... Noida land isikaltu behenji land :) Nothing great to say about Delhi-NCR too... pretty much the same story there... prolly worse !

  8. LP,

    LOL on that pun :D No fun without desi'pun' :P

  9. Roshmi,

    Now THAT is a point. But again, going by her reign and show of power, not very 'interrupted'.....

  10. woahhh!!!
    My Dad currently resides in Lucknow unfortunately:P and he tells often that she is quite a power there:P...who cares about the other power:)!

  11. Me thinks that the 3 trailing dots hold great significance...Junta! Please aptly fill in the blanks! A masterstroke from KooMootai Mayawati?

  12. Raksha,

    Oh, she is ! There is the whole Dalit clan backing her up. Who cares about the other power? o_O Really? Hullo, madam, try staying without power for a good 9 hours when the temperature measures 43 deg :):)


    Me likes your observation :) Masterstroke or not, I have recorded evidence of what she has promised.

  13. Lovely!!! arey it was the truth they have advertised.. finally one politician who will live up to her pre election promises..

  14. I meant to say when she is around there,who is bothered about electricity:P!!!
    Bangalore is quite a competition for power cuts too...sweaty hottt!


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