Thursday, October 7, 2010

74. பாஸ் (எ) பாஸ்கரன்

Disclaimer/Warning : Might contain a few spoilers. On second thoughts, if you have seen the teaser, you are spoilt enough. There isn't much to the story anyway.

I am probably not the right person to write movie reviews, given the fact that my reviews are usually based on user experience, than on anything else. I go just by the feel I get at the end of those 2.5 odd hours, and usually don't dissect the movie into parts. That should tell you that you will mostly not find comparison between the concerned director's earlier stints, in-depth rave about cinematography etc. kind of jazz on this blogAnd movies like Boss(A)Baskaran are totally feel-based movies; there isn't too much of a strong storyline that grows on you hours later, and yet, such movies bring with them an implicit feel-good factor. That said, obviously you need to shut down your dimaag ki dukaan and go watch this movie. Logic fail.


B(A)B revolves around the life of an unemployed youth - Boss(Arya)...and no, he is not a goon, gunning people down for money. He is pretty happy with his life FWIW, what with a best friend like Nallathambi(Santhanam), who runs a hair saloon. Most of Boss's life has been spent in that chicken coop watching his friend earn wrath from customers in ways more than one, mostly thanks to our Smart Alec.

No brownie points for guessing that his elder brother has a good job as a vet. Typical Indian cinema - only one black sheep permitted per house. Enter Nayantara, whose elder sister is married to Boss's elder brother. N is aware of Boss' good-for-nothingness and doesn't give him much bhaav. And then they fall in love.

Contrary to popular idea, I think she looks good in whatever, little or more, she wore throughout the movie, and not anorexic. Except for that unwanted Mama Mama song, where she looks like part of some tribal fraternity.

Set in the backdrop of Kumbakonam, B(A)B tickles your funny bone throughout and moves at a good speed. One definite plus is the bonding between the guys. Nallathambi comes as a whiff of fresh air with his comedy timing. That banker guy, the elder bro and his wife also give the magical effect in parts to the story. The usual violence + fight scenes that are quintessentially part of Tamil cinema, were absent, which worked out to be a major win for me. The climax is bound to remind you of Minnale or Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein(suit yourself), but that's that. It isn't cliched at all. 

The movie carries several references to popular scenes from oldER movies, but obviously, if you are a movie retard in general, and a Tamil Cinema retard in particular, you'll find yourself laughing either for different reasons or at yourself. All in all, watchable-with-family-type movie. NANBAEN DA! 


  1. Hmmmm but theres something abt tat director and bad ends!! :-s!! wonder wat it is!!

  2. I haven't watched SMS da. So no clue on that :-s

  3. Its gud too.... keeps u laughin all the while until it ends abruptly jus as B(a)B did!! :O

  4. How is that you seemed to like a movie (deducing from the absence of any barbs)? :-) Loosened up? (or is it tightened up), whatever. :-)

  5. RamMmm,


    Surprised myself, too. But yeah, slightly loosened up owuld be the thing to say :)


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