Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2. Murphy's Law #104

(I am not responsible if this one already exists!)

On a day when none of your colleagues/gangmates have turned up at work, and you accept fate and embark on your lonesome journey to the food court all alone, manage a seat, and are just about to launch your hardly-in-a-mood-to-gnaw appetite, and you think of calling up someone/anyone just to appear all important, busy or "social"(doesn't even matter if it is your neighbour you remember last having spoken to in 6th grade) to give you company while you hog, one of these is the surest answer you will get :

1)The person will not pick up your call(Thank you so much)
2)Not reachable(I almost expected this)
3)The person will cut your call(Ooh-my,you are oh-so-busy)

The above rule is applicable for as many as 'n' no. of people that you will call during the stipulated period of time.

So, dispel the gloom for every single morsel that you have to eat all by yourself,fighting pangs of misery every now and then.

Well, 5 minutes happily spent in atleast, pretending to be busy. Lunch over. Now, get up and march back to your seat. My advice : Next time on, carry a novel.

p.s. Those who did not find this useful, sincere apologies for such outrageous nonsense.

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