Friday, December 26, 2008

10. (Sun)-cinnati!!

I dont know how many of u believe in SunSigns and stuff...
Though I am not too much into it,I like to believe to a certain extent that people by default,inherit a lot of their characteristic temperaments and attributes from their Zodiacs.. It actually helps me take it easy whenever people irritate me at times... So I conveniently blame it on the position of the planets at the time they were born.. :) :) !!

By my troth, I am an Aries(or Arian? Or whatever!)
Well,my problem is not really that.. Its CANCERians.. I really want to know why I have this real huge number of these people in my life... For all the knowledge I have gained after reading Linda Goodman's book of SunSigns, I gather that ARIES and CANCER dont really go well... Huh? There has to be some mistake ere... ALL my best friends are CANCERians..!! Till now,alright. No more. No soul irritates me more than them.... I want to get away from these people.. I want to shay "Shooooo...." to every other new crab I meet... Caring,sensitive,ambitious,I-ll-never-let-u-get-out-of-my-clutches people..... I have had enough of them...... And that I bond(and am supposed to bond!!) really well with LEOs and SAGIs is a different thing altogether :)
p.s NOM to any Cancerian!
p.p.s This is the third editing to this post
p.p.p.s Sometimes I wonder why I write :D :D
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  1. very informative post for me as I am always looking for new content that can help me and my knowledge grow better.


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