Sunday, July 5, 2009

31. The phenomenon called Rakhi Sawant

Yuck is the word. Yes, you instantly guessed I was talking about reality shows when I said Wracky Savant(No, that wasn't a blooper,she really IS savant right? :|), didn't you? The baap of all reality shows is here to entertain you. Wracky ka Server wins hands down when we talk about cheapness quotient. But take it from me, you cannot deny being
hooked to your TV set till you just can't stand any more of this outrageous nonsense.

Watching the ad for the start of such a series came as a shock in itself. Of course, I think I thought aloud, allowing the initiative to be taken up by MTV, who went about surveying a class of people, unanimously screaming, "Who in his right mind would want to marry Wracky Savant?". A whopping 16 of them from across the length and breadth of the country, appearing for the show have managed to prove me wrong.

Shot on classy sets of Udaipur, the razzmatazz about the entire show isn't the only thing that adds 'weight' to the TRP. We have hamare priya Ram Kapoor ji, who is sure a 120+ on the weighing scale hosting the show for you.

Also featuring in the show is Ravi Kishen, our very own Bhojpuri hero, who comes to Wracky's rescue(as a brotherly avtaar) in her times of turmoil and despair of having to choose one chimp from the sena of langoors. He personally interviews each and every guy so he can know the andar ki baat. Oh, and he gets so candid and audaciously asks if they would have a problem if Wracky did item numbers post shaadi. Come on, dude. Doesn't the show portray a S.A.N.S.K.A.R.I bharatiya naari? I wonder if she even knows what an item number looks like. Tch,tch. Shame-shame on u! And who would have a problem with his wife doing sexy hot numbers on National Television or of hearing news about her engaging in lip-locks with one Mr.M. Totally sanskari. Wracky, you are 'har saas ka sapna'-type bahu. Way to go, gurl! :| I totally buy this sanskari thing you are doing.

NDTV Imagine has really managed to make me imagine the heights one could reach to increase a show's TRP ratings. Fake, downright cheap and entertaining. Aaj raat, NDTV Imagine, 9 pm.

Disclaimer : All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Yours truly does not profit, in any way, from the story and all creative rights may well belong to yours truly's grey matter.

Image courtesy : Indiatimes


  1. Hahaha... my turn to say ROTFLMAO!! "helping her choose one chimp from the sena of langoors"?! Lololol :D :D

  2. 1. Thank you for changing your theme back to Rounders whatever. The previous one was super sucky, to put it succinctly.

    2. The number of your sishyas seems to have risen exponentially. Is thou satisfied? :P

    3. Check out the favorite movies on my profile. Does something there ring a bell?
    Hint: We spent the evening before the 'Computer Hardware and System Software Concepts' paper discussing this flick :D :D (which probably explains why neither of us got an A)
    *sighs* Those were the days! :(

  3. suuuper... guess we would have a tamil version of this program coming up very soon :)

  4. "Yours truly does not profit"? Like really? Does not yours truly get kind of spiritual relief? [LoL]

  5. 16 is the final number..there were many who tried and didnot get selected during the auditions..India is never in shot supply of fools

  6. @Idealist,
    Lol. Publicity on National TV is going to cost them much much more than they think :)

  7. @Idealist(Ultimate or not, no comments)

    1 & 2 : Main toh raste se jaa raha tha,
    Main toh bhelpuri kha raha tha..

    Main toh ladki ghuma raha tha..

    Raste se ja raha tha, bhelpuri kha raha tha, ladki ghuma raha tha.... Tujhe Mirchi Lagi Toh Main Kya Karun? :P

    3. Match Point!!! ROTFLMAO! Can't forget, hon :D

  8. @Venky,

    Tamil version?! I wouldn't turn left and right before scurrying away! :D

  9. @JTO,

    Aah, you caught me there. I can't help accepting its true :D Maybe we could take that in the monetary sense alone :D

  10. @Praveen,

    I am not surprised. When the final 16 were such, the earlier chunk definitely must have been the baap of times.

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  12. hi add my blog to your blog list too

  13. ROTFL!! You do have a Wrocking...oops rocking sense of humour. :D

  14. Sumit..

    Lol and thanks! :)

  15. exactly my thoughts, but i dont stand a chance in putting it the way u did..
    on a different note, this serial was obnoxious from the word go.

  16. LOL!!! I wasn't blessed enough to watch this. But I did watch Rahul Mahajan ka swayamvar!! Yuck!!!!!

  17. Oh yes, I watched that too. Thoda sa.


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