Tuesday, August 4, 2009

35. Oldy gold! :D

It so happened that I chanced upon one of my older blogs here. I am planning to bring it to a formal closure, so the link above might not work after sometime. So a few posts from now on might come straight from that blog.

I am not very good with poems, but this one came right from the abyss of my heart. Do take time to read.

If u were here..

Life would have been much simpler..

And I would have someone who cared by my side..

Now there is none..

And I am left alone in this crowd..

Only if u were here.

I would not have to go about craving for acceptance..

No one tolerates my immaturity like you did..

No one pampers me to the extent you did..

No one laughs at my stale jokes just to make me feel happy like you did..

No one lets me throw my frustration on them like you did..

Only if you were here..

You were my eternal sounding board..

My 3am pal, the only one I ever had..

You have ruthlessly been replaced by the 4 walls of my room..

Who hear my woes day and night..

My mind does a ten rounds before I can muster enough courage to mingle amidst the crowd..

I am no more the person you knew..

I have a shell of my own..

A shelter known to me alone..

Full of lifeless, resounding hollowness..

I curse. Only if you were here.

And in place now exists a void..

Where there once was unbridled joy and youth..

Some day we shall make up for all the lost time..

P.S. This was written for my best friend. We just broke up. Humph! That moron :x


  1. parting, breaking, patching and etc!!!....all r part n parcel of life...

    its just that we can't really get over all this no matter what...

    ur blog is nice...

    u too r good..
    in fact beautiful...

    more than anything, ur post "A humble request!" was much more fascinating...(tough I'm not writing this comment after seeing that)lol;)

    keep it up...

    tke cre
    b well...

  2. sounds familiar. hmmm....think I've read this, or something like this before. is it?

  3. OK, just read the first few lines of the post. I didn't mean your older blog, I meant the IBlog. There was something like that there too, right?

    P.S. - this word verification thing is irritating.

  4. @Yogesh,

    Thanks and welcome here.

  5. @Sid,

    Yeah, I remember putting this up on IBlogs too.

    P.S. Spam is the word.

  6. Just read this.. and I must say I am amazed! Do write more poems. This one was a bit of a tear-jerker for me 'cos I could relate to it.. completely. Beautiful.

  7. @UI,

    Thanks. Glad u liked it :)


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