Thursday, December 24, 2009

54. De Dana Dan


DISCLAIMER : Like all other movie reviews I have written... that reminds me, I have written only one till date, here... this one is also going to contain vetti pechu and stuff that is absolutely of no use to you before I proceed to the review.

Listen, I know, I know. :D NO ONE writes a review one month(err, more than that) after a movie is released. But as you read along, please appreciate the fact that a person like me(who is born of the Ice Age when it comes to movies) is writing a movie review. In all probability, I'll have someone pelting stones at me after reading this piece. The moment I proceeded to prostrate before Google Swami for a breathtaking picture of this awesomeness, I came across a review article that was titled 'De Dana Dan - Beyond pathetic garbage'. I had no heart to read beyond that :D


If you want to have a good laugh, buy a ticket for 'De Dana Dan', leave your brains behind at home, and hop on to the theatre seat.

Few quick things on the movie :
1) This movie, unlike what others have told you till date, has no lead actors. Each soul there has an almost equal role to play. Umm, Akshay Kumar would providentially have won the Lead Actor part, but for the fact that he remains locked in a closet for a good 40 minutes of the runtime.

2) This flick has like a line of comedy actors, man and stands as a living proof to my public confession... Yes, Rajpal Yadav, I love you. Just looking at him makes me laugh. This guy deserves standing ovation *heavy applause* He is backed up in mainstream comedy by Johnny Lever(in sheer awesomeness), Paresh Rawal, Asrani, Shakti Kapoor, Archana Puran Singh(who clearly crosses all decibel levels known to man) who have done a decent job.

3) The movie has NO punches at all. I mean, look, I haven't even gotten to the point of talking about good punches and bad punches... I mean... a comedy movie WITHOUT punches. And I was still rolling on the floor laughing.

4) The movie has underdogs everywhere. Fom Suniel Shetty to Akshay Kumar to Rawal to Chunkey Pandey(Oh, he doesn't even exist in the movie), 'paisa' seems to be the theme on which the movie is based. No one has money.

5) Take a diary and a pen when you sit down to watch this movie. You'll really need this, my friend. After one hour of the movie, you'll slowly find yourself asking critical questions(to yourself, of course) like 'Ye yahaan kya kar raha hai?' *What is this chap doing here?*, 'Ye iska kya lagta/ti hai?' *How is he/she related to this fellow?* and finally, 'What the hell am I doing here watching this?'.

6) Songs have NO CONNECTION with the movie. Pritam bhai, chai ki dukaan kholo.

7) Neha Dhupia hs done her part well. Sameera Reddy and Aditi Gov(w?)itrikar are pretty useless, going by the plot(if there was any). Katrina Kaif, errm, I don't know guys.

8) Like mentioned earlier, please do not complain of a lack of storyline. There isn't any. But that doesn't mean you can compare it with Avatar.


  1. This was just another mallu remake by Priyadarshan ! And seriously, I wanted to kill myself for having watched it; and that too pirated DVD ! I mean, such movies dont deserve to be watched even on pirated DVDs !

    Im glad you liked it ! To each his/her own ! :D

  2. Aaha, mallu remake, now that one I didn't know! :|

    Am sure it was some guy like you who wrote that 'Pathetic beyond garbage' stuff :)Can't blame u guys, though.. Wossttu fellows! :)

  3. ROTFL!
    I am so glad I haven't watched this movie!! :D

    Will probably try watching if it comes on TV! :D

  4. its not herapheri..not even a shadow of tht ..but its timepass..typical priyadarshan movie..he only can manage a million characters per movie..each with their own piece of story.however illogical it is :D even to create cacaphony like tht..its takes talent :) but ending cud've been done even more better :)

  5. Pix,


    I ll bet you'll laugh :)


    Yeah, not a glimpse of Hera-pheri definitely. Better ending, maybe, bit there isn't much to expect when there is no story line :D

  6. Hi Anu - haven't watched the movie and I'm not much into movies either - so this comment is just a way of saying hi and asking how you're doing? :)


  7. Hey Corinne,

    So nice to hear from you! How are things with you? :) Thank you so much for dropping by to say a hi :)




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