Friday, January 1, 2010

56. He is mine and mine alone!!

“Deep in my heart I'm concealing things that I'm longing to say. Scared to confess what I'm feeling - frightened you'll slip away.” - Madonna

She eyed him in a clandestine manner as she saw her sister kissing him. She had ached and longed for him, and now it felt like she could take the pain no more. What body, features,elegance..... There was a certain poise around him, she drooled often as she thought about him. She wrote lengthy verbose poems in his longing....

"Day and night I am waiting waiting....
Are you asking for a beating...
Under your love I get fainting, fainting...
And if you die, you'll make me cry...
Your naughty thoughts make me shy..... "

She knew he belonged to her sister...they looked so... so 'perfect' together... She had no right to do this to her sister ; to her own elder sister who loved him like none else. He had brought the much elusive joy into her sister's life. He was much more than what she deserved, she knew. Wherever her sister went, he would tag along, to the extent that it caused severe irritation to public sometimes.

She wished she could steal him from her. This attraction was showing on her studies lately. She knew she had to figure a way out. Spending a few moments alone with him was hardly taking her an inch forward. She was tired of raking up fights with her sibling everyday over him. It was never a pleasant sight watching them pull each other's hair over him, strangle each other's necks. Poor him. All he could do was to be a silent spectator to this cat fight. Everybody around had had enough of all this. Till one day when he decided to move out of their lives. Once and for all. Never to return.

Life had to move on. After fall came spring. The winds had changed direction. There was a fresh smell of grass all around. Had someone stepped in to substitute him?

P.S. Dear sweetheart Microsoft Zune, you are deeply missed. I'll never let you-know-who to meddle with 'us' anymore. For Pete's sake, stop giving me software trouble, will you?


  1. LOL!!! lovely twist in the end.. unexpected..

  2. I know u too well to have not guessed the end da!!

  3. Lol !! I was thinking this is some fiction, maybe something beyond me... ! but pah... at the end ! lol !!

  4. Sheeeeeesh !!!! Soooo much of build up for that !!! :D :D :D :D

  5. somehow knew it had to be a laughter post with the twist from the beginning itself, blame the commercial ;)

  6. Hey Aps,

    Lol!! Lucky me u couldn't predict the ending :)


    Not an iPod fan at all. I had a shuffle earlier which gave me virus problems. :( Thanks for visiting :))

  7. Vinay

    Wossttu fellow! :D I dont blame u anyway, I derive inspiration from your Mandira and Sanjana posts da.. So don't even get me started on that :P

  8. Hitchwriter,

    Lol!! :D
    Thanks for visiting my space! :)


    What life without build up, pah! :D U wont give me any credit for telling u my mp3 stopped working, no? :P

  9. Sri,

    Cha!! :D I knew that commercial would spoil things. *Orey pheelings* *gives herself a pat and thinks of a diabolical plot to fool Srivats next time* :D

  10. Heh heh. The Never-ending Battle of the Siblings. :D

  11. Rindo,

    U bet! :D Long time, Rinds, where have ya been? Forgot the "poets" in ur life, is it? :P Appy Niyoo Eeeyaaar :D

  12. Yeah right. So you think people like me won't guess it? Even before line one I knew it was about Tuk Tuk :P. *yeah yeah some folks ain't as dumb as they seem to you miss :P*. You and your Zune :P..bah

  13. Pix,

    Thanks! :)


    No prizes for guessing then! :P I dont assume anyone's dumbness. I can't help it if they prove it to me though :D

  14. //Cha!! :D I knew that commercial would spoil things. *Orey pheelings* *gives herself a pat and thinks of a diabolical plot to fool Srivats next time* :D//

    edhukku plan vera podanuma, everyone already saying I am one :)

  15. @Sri

    Achucho.. Naa sonnadhu verb-nga, neenga noun/adjective aa yedutthunduttel :)

  16. LOL!! u almost had me there

  17. Neeraj,

    Aren't all guys? :) Nice to know, it's tough resisting a 8GB Zune anyway :) Thanks for visiting.


    :) I could have tweaked it a li'l more :) Thanks for coming.

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