Wednesday, March 31, 2010

64. Maid of Honour

Who is the most revered lady in Indian households? No, not Pratibha Patil. No, not Rakhi Sawant also. Deepika Padukone? In your boyfriend's room, maybe. Highly unlikely, otherwise. THE MAID. We have had a glorious history of maids who serve just a short tenure. Not everybody gets a good kaamwali bai, you know. The following Vaastu column I saw in the newspaper the other day does just enough to prove my point -

I have a unique problem. None of my maids work for more than 2 months. The main door of my house is facing NW direction. The kitchen is situated at SE of the house. The cooking range is situated exactly at SE corner of the kitchen, and the sink is situated on the left hand side of the range, with washing machine in between. What should I do so that my maids serve for longer periods?

To which, the gentleman replied :
Draw 7 yellow lines in front of your kitchen. That should solve your problem.

Nice :| I took the newspaper to my mom and showed her. I think my mom wasn't too desperate. Frustrated, yes. Desperate, no. Or, she was looking at cost-cutting measures available at home. Who, you ask? Me, darlings. So, one not-so-fine morning(as it turns out), I am told to take to the broom and the mop and start work immediately :|
Eh, why me mom?(Some useless protest from yours truly).
So that you can reduce some weight that you are putting on sitting at home. Moms are good at this. They mean something else, but they know what to tell you so you will do what they want you to. The first week it looked like I was helping her out. By second week, it looked like a permanent job entrusted with great hopes and expectations. By third week, I was demanding a promotion in the form of a new broom. :| I am planning on asking her some minimum remuneration for this. After all, she has an educated maid. A maid of honour :P


  1. ROTFL :D :D ungala "perukka" (putting weight) vidama panna "perukka" (sweeping) vaikarangala :D :D :D :D sooper mom :D :D

  2. :)Hi this is Raksha from blore,liked ur blog and henceforth am gonna follow you;)!hope my mom doesnt read this post and hand the broom right away!

  3. awwwwwwwwwww sweety... look whos working finally :P

  4. Gilsu,

    PJ Picchumani! :P


    Thanks!! On the way to your blog :)


    Dai!! I am not as lazy as you think I am! :S

  5. HOLY GOD!!!! whoeva said u were lazy sweety?? I just said u don do this kinda 'useful' work :D

  6. rofllll..yeah..u just narrated my summer hols story..I like the way u write :)

  7. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Look forward to more...

  8. :-) at Gils comment.

    Cheers to the 'Maid'en forced to be a maid. :-)


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