Wednesday, April 14, 2010

66. Ghar Se Nikalo Aandolan

Junta, it was really nice knowing each one of you(however little). This, ahemmm.. farewell, is because I am ending my life soon. (Ok, that doesn't make too much of sense, as I don't have a life as of now anyway :| ) Yes, Momraaj(a subtler version of Yamraaj) has given me the ultimatum. She has yet again declared the 'right time'(after several 'right times' in the past few months) to pack me off to some weird place where I see myself changing diapers of fat kids and watching 'Ye rishta kya kehlata hai' with future mother-in-law. Oh, Jejus !(Rakhi Sawant style). Pack-up time. I have been found singing

Bheed Mein Yun Na Chodo Mujhe
Ghar Laut Ke Bhi Aa Naa Paoon Maa

Bhej Na Itna Door Mujhko Tu

Yaad Bhi Tujhko Aa Naa Paoon Maa

to my mom and wagging my tail like a dog. With talks of me getting engaged raging mad peaks now, it's high time I get back to what people do when they have lost hope in life. Whisky. Pantaloon's fresh fashion Friday sale. Though they offer me only a sasta sa 5% discount for the Green Card, I think that is enough to come out of mourning for now :| Once the shopping is done, I am planning to run away so that I can postpone this imminent doom for as long as I can. You, as a loyal reader, can contribute in the form of cash, a meal a day and so on. That brings me to another point. All you rich guys(note the emphasis on rich) who have been admiring my distasteful style of writing and non-existent sense of humour from behind tall curtains websites, kindly push your applications across. Like they say, a known devil(even faceless) is better than an unknown angel.

In other news not worth giving your attention to, I have invested time and money into an awesome hobby, something that I have developed and worked on diligently for over 2 years - collecting admits of universities and not joining them. I am planning to put them all on auction. Maybe some Ranchhoddas Shyamaldas Chhanchad might want to frame them up and showcase them in his living room :|

Do I love the festivals we Tam Brahms have or what. This season of trading. First, too many delicacies at home to savour. And once the Gods have had their share, a portion invariably goes to nice neighbours. Notice why I say nice. Because they empty the plate, only to replenish it with their stock and send it back. Nice. Really nice neighbours. Then we have this nice custom called 'kaineettam', which is a euphemistic form of begging, wherein all the kids in the house get rewarded in cash and kind for nothing. See, such a ritual carries a lot of value in the lives of people like me, who make their living from whatever they receive as kaineettam. If you are or have been a software engineer, you will know that the high point of your day is the time you spend at the coffee machine or counting the keys on your keyboard. I mean, I don't even remember the last time I was paid for nothing.

Ok, so we are done with the Sania-Shoaib wedding. And with the hoopla that came with it. Can we now move to more serious issues? No, not Telangana. I am talking about this Youngistan ka WOW thingy. There is no denying I liked Ranbir Kapoor alright. But things between us haven't been smooth since Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani. Eek, take that guy away, shooo.


  1. Madamoiselle, Awesome post!!! chumma poondhu vilayaaditteenga. Irony, sarcasm, pokes and digs, undisguised subtlety(now, what's that?), topic hopping, what else? :) :)

    Wishing you a great year ahead! Innikku Tamizh varusha porappu.

  2. A hilarious post :)
    so when are you getting hitched?? sorry about that jab tee hee...

    A Happy New Year to you...

  3. As someone who is firmly in the 'trap' so to say..I cant say anything but shake my head sadly and say day me will be on this side too..with us engaged/married people..whom you currently refer to as 'them' engaged/married ones :D

  4. Ram,

    Neengale solreenga na yedho vishayam irukku nu arttham :p wish you an awesome year ahead too :)*2nd time wishings* :p


    My mom will get ditched, but me getting hitched? Not now :p
    Thanks a ton for the New Year wishes, wish u the same :)

  5. Indyeah,

    *Nods* I know, I know! I can feel the heat. Like some loosely hanging sword over my head :D I shudder to think of the day when your comment on this page will read 'Welcome aboard, girlie' :p As for now, it will be child marriage, ROTFL!

  6. amused:)...peppy post:)
    I think Sanjay Dutt is more yuckkkier than RK in that Youngistan ad,what huuuuuuge shoulders and what hair!Poor Lara in Blue:)And the lil funny dwarf..eeeks!!!

  7. Raksha,

    Geez, thanks :) Sanjay Dutt looks gross in that ad. Indeed.

  8. ??!!! kuruvi u gettin engaged? enna tella comingnu no i undersrand

  9. @Gils,

    You'll soon understand ! :P

  10. kalakuringa Anu... pramadham... :)sariyana sarcasm! ithu than naanga expected... :) v v kool post.. cyu around!

  11. hahaha :) hilarious :)
    First time here and i like d it :)

  12. Hary,

    Thank you so much. Welcome here and keep visiting !:)

    Vintage Obsession,

    Thanks a bunch. Hope to see you around !

  13. // You'll soon understand ! :P

    Chennai, here I come? Finalized?
    (not about getting hitched :) :) though anyway)

  14. Ram,

    Chennai here I come? Aaha. Solli tholachtena? :( Yeah, a trip is on th cards I guess :P *has nothing to do with getting hitched btw, Sir* :D

  15. Looks like you are already in Chennai or as good as there. Have a great time. :-) :-)


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